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The 4 Keys to a Better Relationship with your Dog

1) Using Positive Reinforcement training methods allows you to build bonds with your dog over time and gives you and your dog a solid learning history. Positive reinforcement helps you avoid the dangerous fallout aggression that stems from coercive or punitive training.

2) Every interaction, your dog is learning something. Whether it be intentional or unintentional, they are constantly learning. If you give your dog lots of attention when you come in the door from being gone, your dog might jump with excitement. They come to recognize anyone coming in the door is an opportunity to jump and get attention. We didn’t mean to teach our dog to jump to greet but accidently, we did.

3) Actions have consequences. Those can be good or bad depending on the viewpoint of your dog. Some dogs dislike petting (shocked). If we try to pet them as a reward, we are giving them a punishment, and they might try to avoid it. The learner always decides what is a reward or punisher.

4) Keep it going! Developing training skills in humans and learning for dogs is like working out our muscles at the gym. We need to practice in order to get better and stronger. Let me teach you easy simple steps to boost your skills and dog relationship today.

Cute white Labrador puppy with an orange ball on a blue rug.
Cute white Labrador puppy with an orange ball on a blue rug.

These 4 P.E.A.K. principles are part of a dedicated coaching program to help you achieve the training and relationship goals you are looking for.

You will gain confidence and security to know how to respond to everyday distractions in order to have a well-mannered dog.


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