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Basic Manners Programs

Golden Dog

Want to give your puppy a leg up for life?

Has your cute puppy turned into an adolescent teenager who may or may not listen to you?

These programs get your dog on the right track for success. Your dog will learn the cues (commands) for up to 14 basic cues.

The Jumpstart, the High-Performer or the Pinnacle Program will meet your needs.

A well-trained dog is a joy to live with. When you replace unwanted behavior with desirable, calm and confident manners, you have your ideal dog!




Individualized Training for Minor Behavior Modification

person and dog sunset

After a free phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype consultation, we set up a goal-focused training plan that works for you and your dog while concentrating on the specific behaviors you would like to change or improve.

Behaviors we have modified include barking at strangers, loose leash walking, calmly accepting nail trimming, teeth brushing, pill taking, no jumping, no mouthing, potty training, and minor separation distress.


Play & Train

2 dogs playing

Our signature program! In a fun, dog social environment you & your pup will experience the benefits of play including; how to navigate new situations, canine body language, confidence and more!

Price and duration vary. Please call for more info. 

Our Signature Services

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