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Results Based On-line Coaching Program

In 6 months from now, can you imaging your dog as a calm, well-trained member of your family and community? 

We can teach YOU how to teach your dog to…

  • pay attention to your cues/commands

  • come when called

  • settle and be calm

  • be home alone

  • walk calmly on-leash

  • have impulse control

You will learn to…

  • communicate effectively with your dog

  • understand your dog’s body signals and language

  • improve your relationship with your dog

You get…

  • peace of mind

  • support in training

  • convenience and flexibility to train your dog on your schedule

  • action tasks to start right away to build that foundation your dog needs in order to be successful

  • accountability

  • community

  • Weekly 1 hour Zoom or Facetime meetings will help you achieve your training goals

  • Live Guidance using 1 of 3 helper dogs from our training location to demonstrate training games and exercises 

  • Recorded videos with homework assignments. Videos will break down complex behavior into easy steps so you and your dog achieve success

  • Problem solving help. Sometimes you cannot pinpoint what might be setting your dog off into barking fits. We can help identify triggers or stimuli for a certain behavior.  

If you don’t see improvement or results after 1 month, you are not locked in and can opt-out at any time. 

*We do ask that you give it 1 full month to start seeing results.

Dogs who Jump, Bark, Dig or Run away can be so frustrating to so many owners. You are not alone. We will help you see the potential in your dog to listen, sit, and stay at your word! 

Dogs act like dogs. Imagine that! They aren’t out to get our goat or drive us batty. They are usually trying to have fun or meet their own needs. 

We teach them to have fun AND listen to us! 

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, uncertain, guilty or lack confidence. 

Maybe you don’t even enjoy your dog. 

There is HOPE! 

Anything you don’t know yet, you can learn. 

Let me show you how to boost your relationship and start enjoying your dog again. 

Book your free discovery call today. 

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